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You're Home Town, Full Service Computer Store

Also AB Computer Solutions is a VeriZon Wireless Authorized Retailer with a complete line of Verizon phones.

Seller of AB-Ink
Discounted printer ink and toner


Computer Services Include

  • Virus Cleaning $65.
    Includes removal of all viruses and spyware, installation of an antivirus program and 3 spyware protection programs.  Windows tune up, turn off unwanted programs running in background.

  • Custom Built and Refurbished Computers Available

  • Computer Upgrades

  • Networking, (Wireless and hard Wired)

  • Backup Systems, Disaster Recovery Plans

Verizon Phones

Latest Verizon Phones available

  • Free Car Charger with the purchase of a phone

  • Transfer phone numbers and pictures for Free

  • Free technical support



AB Computer Solutions
1119 S. Parker, Marine City, MI 48039
(810) 765-4980 Fax (810) 794-4988

Located on the Northeast corner of S. Parker and Chartier (across the street from CVS)